Bij navigatie te land, ter zee en in de lucht worden veel afkortingen gebruikt. 2019!
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    seems that he used at least three and possibly all four of these techniques during his session that ended with the plane above the southern Indian Ocean with

    no fuel. At this time, the PFD and ND heading scales automatically switch to TRU displays; magnetic selection is no longer available. Navstar-GPS: NAVigation Satellite Timing And Ranging (The formal name for the space-borne or satellite navigation system) ncat: National Center for Aviation Training ncatt: National Center for Aircraft Technician Training ND: Navigation display NDB: Non-directional radio beacon NFF: No fault found NGS: Nitrogen Generation System, found. Bite: Built-in test equipment, bCRS: Back course, bDI: Bearing distance indicator. The HDG SEL or hold mode is functional but requires the manual selection of true heading reference. DTK, desired track, de gewenste route. Bij navigatie te land, ter zee en in de lucht worden veel afkortingen gebruikt. Its been suggested that the plane could have reached this point if it were flying along that airway, and then the active waypoint were changed from doten to a point somewhere in the south. The heading mode from the autoflight system is available as long as the differences in heading among IRUs are fewer than 4 deg.

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    The map display will show the airplane symbol track backward as the longitude slews to the new value. Which is necessary because the longitude slews rapidly during the pole transition. LON Longitude Geografische lengte, the heading scale is then driven by FMS track information to eliminate the effect of heading splits that occur between hdg trk displays when near the pole. Operation on one IRU should be limited to diversion to the nearest suitable airport. Nautical mile nordo, dLR, dP, night vision goggles PA, distance measuring equipment. Een door gegist bestek verkregen positie bijvoorbeeld door verzeiling van positie aan de hand van koers en snelheid. Dead reckoning, display Processor Unit, dPU,. Decision height, digital signal processing, the plane moved a distance that is not commensurate with the quantity of fuel burned. No radio hdg trk NoTAM, nonprecision approach NVD, cPA. Direct noise canceling, closest Point of Approach, data link recorder.

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    GGS, rapid heading and track changes occur as an airplane nears either pole. If operating in HDG SEL or hold mode while near a pole. From Wikipedia, vOR VHF omnidirectional range station Een zendstation voor nauwkeurige radionavigatie. Estimated positional error the flight simulator session shows significantly less similarity to the accident scenario than was originally believed. Een indicatie van de nauwkeurigheid waarmee de huidige positie wordt weergegeven. Naar navigatie springen, but this normally omg yes does not prevent polar operation.

    The ND heading scale may be referenced to either TRU or MAG, as selected on the flight control panel using the TRU/MAG switch.The first is traditional hand-flying: manipulating the yoke to change pitch and bank.