Two countries, one On-Board Unit - toll collection in Germany and, austria. 2018!
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    the content on this website may not display correctly. No other changes are necessary. See it on the map, enter a town or city or a postcode and click

    on the magnifying glass symbol beside the search box. Invoicing when something goes wrong. With an On-Board Unit (OBU already an OBU in your truck: In this case, you only need to change your contract. For regular customers and new customers, the toll2GO Service of asfinag and Toll Collect is offered in the post-pay procedure. OBU log-on in Austria - special conditions from Toll Collect GmbH. Please update your browser. The toll2GO service is free of charge for current Toll Collect and asfinag customers. As of then, the Toll Collect OBU can be used for toll transactions in Austria. Without an On-Board Unit (OBU direct Payment with Multi Service Tolls Card (no OBU). The calculation of the toll to be paid will be done separately by each toll operator as usual. If you are planning to drive in Germany frequently, we advise that you build in an OBU. Free of charge change from GO-Box to TC-OBU. Pay with the Multi Service Tolls card at the terminals. No contract signed and OBU in your truck: This means that you are not registered with Toll Collect. This must be an official dealer and a list can be downloaded: Service Partner network. The service partners in the vicinity collect are immediately shown. Toll Collect collects tolls on behalf of the German government. Multi, service manages toll cards, guarantees payments and contracts with European operators, allowing fleets to focus on their core business: transportation. Austria applies to vehicles with a weight of over.5 tonnes and is subject to VAT. Austria s toll collection system enables continuous traffic vehicles do not have to stop or choose a different lane. Toll Service, tolling regulation. Right to collect tolls, service and Controls. Toll ) and the route toll are fed back into the construction, operation and safety of the high-profile road network. Applies to all vehicles with.

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    Node, it is mandatory to return the device in order to avoid incorrect toll transactions. It may be necessary to contact your IT administrator. Tpm2r605, downloads, toll2GO is a joint service provided by Toll Collect and asfinag. If the vehicle concerned had been equipped with a GOBox before. Rather than an individual fueltoll card such as the Multi Service Tolls card. Click here to find a list of stations in Germany or search a station online. Contract and OBU responsibility, all forms are published in German only. For the first time, the OBU is linked to the Benutzernummer. OBU operating instructions, the service partners in the vicinity are immediately kennenlernen hamburg shown. The relevant contract data will be recorded in the Toll Collect OBU without having to visit a GO distribution point.

    OBU, for registration and further details on toll2GO. Note, as well as in the SelfCare Portal. Only one single toll device is required for Germany and Austria. The responsibility toll collect service austria of use, implementation and cancellation of the OBU and the proper registration of the trucks with Toll Collect lies with the user. You will then be notified when you can have an OBU built in at your dealer.

    The registration will take one to two weeks.To fill them out, you will find detailed instructions in your selected language.Austria (link) for more information.