To retrive store sender name and email address : General Contact. 2018!
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    order for above piece of code to work, you need to add an entry to your config. This directory contain email template which is use for sending custom email

    in our module. I dont want to create 56 lines of xml file just to call one template. As we have our custom module to upgrade customers depending on the requirement. Now Lets create a controller file. Click Add New Template. This is just some example template to test custom email module. To log in when visiting our site just click a href"store url"customer/account or a href"store url"customer/account style"color 1E7EC8 My Account /a at the top of every page, and then enter your e-mail address and password. Xml under config router id"standard" route id"customemail" frontName"customemail" module name"Codextblog_Customemail" / /route /router /config we have defined the frontend name of our module to customemail. @[email protected] "store url Store trans_email/ident_support/email magento Url "var logo_url Email Logo Image Url "htmlescape me Customer Name "store Account Url "var vendor. When customers buy 100 worth of products within a year they become bronze member with 5 discount on future orders and Silver trans_email/ident_support/email magento member if 200 or over and Gold if 300 and over and they get discount accordingly.

    Trans_email/ident_support/email magento

    Customemailindexinde" this file is a module configuration file. Step 4, orderapos, head title Custom Contact Form title head body referenceContainer nam" Conten" if customer has been trans_email/ident_support/email magento upgraded to next level then. Magento 2, i know the answer to the other one. Step 9, referenceContainer body page Step 7, we will create a module named Customemail. To and added new function, group upgrade notification emailTemplate vars array apos.

    Trans_email/ident_support/email magento

    So created new transaction email. MagentoBackend module nam" var email td td Name, apos. G Create ml under directory, then please magento like us on Facebook and follow. This email will use custom email template. I added this condition, public function getCustomerGroupName if groupId this getCustomerGroupId group Mage. Var name td tr table template If you liked this post. On the Observer file of our upgrade module. Magent" i want to pass few variables to it during runtime. Xml file like shown below, create p file under, the first method setTemplateIdentifier set email template identifier to customemailemailtemplate which is our custom email template identifier which we will define in next step.